Dear Sirs!

We are pleased to inform you that we took into consideration all conclusions and opinions of our exhibitors and we succeeded in changing the character as well as the date of 13 th International Fair Of Hygiene, Work Safety And Fire Protection "BHP 2005".

"BHP 2005" will take place on 18th to 20th of October 2005. As it is independent and commercial exhibition of products and services, it will take place with 11 th International Welding Fair "Interwelding 2005" at the same time.

"Interwelding 2005" is one of the biggest event in welding branch on the European market. In this event take participation near 200 exhibitors from 16 th countries and is visited by over 5000 specialists interested in news in welding branch as well as safety and hygiene regulations at work.

The content- related and commercial elements raise our fair on the high level. It is the first time that wide range of "BHP 2005" line can take participation in "business to business" kind of fair, where offers will be received by not only specialists visiting our fair but companies participating in Interwelding Fair also.

Inviting you to the participation in BHP Fair, which are organized in new commercial character, we convinced that it will be great and well premeditated commercial investment.

With kindest regards

Board of International Katowice Fair

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